Dear Welcomed Guest:

I pray you enjoyed service today and am honored you chose to visit. Whether you came with family or were invited by someone in the ministry, you decided to accept the invitation; and that shows that you have a personal desire to know more about the Lord. Our ministry is not perfect because it is filled with imperfect individuals, me included. We believe in one God and He goes by only one name and that name is Jesus.

As you’ve noticed, we take notes in this ministry, which is done to ensure that you are able to later reflect upon what you heard; and this enables you to study the Bible on your own. The more you are personally committed to understanding God’s plan for your life, the more likely you will be able to build a relationship with Him.

I often invite members to ask questions and I do my best to provide answers that have scriptural reference. This is done to be sure that I am not stating simply an opinion. I strongly encourage you to go beyond what you learned today and challenge us if you believe that the message was in error.

If the Lord moves you to do so, we would love to have you come back.

Grace and Peace,

Bishop Aubrey Shines

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